Milestone 1 (1 April 2005)

  • Final schedule & mile stone plan
  • Walkthrough version of the complete game world with placeholder geometry.
  1. Design of Toolpuzzles complete
  2. Concept for LustGarten, EntranceHall, ThroneRoom, BathHouse
  3. General concept for Noble Rooms & Servant Rooms
  4. Concept sleepers poses
  5. Rough scenarios of all cut scenes
  6. Concept and Model of TheGirl
  7. Concept spell accessories
  8. Concept ThePrincess
  9. Textured Model of TheQueen, TheKing, TaliasCat, WickedFlowers, ThePriest, ThePoet
  10. Basic animations for TheGirl
  11. Motion Captures for TheGirl & cut scenes
  12. Tools & system software
  13. Wicked Branches Collisions
  14. Software system for game structure
  15. Description Autonomous Behaviour of TheGirl
  16. Sound: none, placeholder or rudimentary

Milestone 2 (1 June 2005)
  • Blocked out game with dummy puzzles and new Girl model with expanded motion set.
  1. Design of ToyPuzzles complete
  2. General Concept of StudyRooms
  3. Concept of TheChapel, TheTheater, TheMausoleum, TheStudy, FormalDiningRoom, TheKitchen, QueensBedroom, ChildrensHideout, DoubleRoom
  4. Model of ThroneRoom, TheChapel, TheTheater, TheMausoleum, FormalDiningRoom
  5. Textured Model of LustGarten, EntranceHall, BathHouse, Noble Rooms, PalaceFurniture, Generic human Characters
  6. Emotional variations & spontaneous animations for TheGirl
  7. Scenarios for Dreams with Princes, Spell acquisition movies, Intro movie, Trailer
  8. Textured & rigged Model of TheGirl and her SpellAccessories
  9. Textured Model of ThePrincess, TheEngineer, TheTraveler, TheActor
  10. Model of TheHunter
  11. Concept of TheTailor (+above princes)
  12. Basic, Variations & Spontaneous animations implemented on final character of TheGirl in game
  13. Wicked Branches Bloom & Die
  14. Software for Rooms Effects systems & 3D Display systems
  15. Software systems for ToolPuzzles, SpellCasting, ToyPuzzles & FinalPuzzle
  16. Software systems for Path finding & Collision Response
  17. Design of software system for Autonomous Behaviour of TheGirl
  18. Sound: rudimentary sounds everywhere, initial implementation of music

Milestone 3 (1 August 2005)
  • Game with big major rooms and girl with initial autonomous behaviour.
  1. Textured Model of ThroneRoom, TheChapel, TheTheater, ServantRooms, StudyRooms, TheMausoleum, TheStudy, FormalDiningRoom, TheKitchen, QueensBedroom, ChildrensHideout, DoubleRoom
  2. Model of OgresseTower, ThePilgrimage
  3. Concept for all of the above
  4. Concept for CourtYard, TheGarden
  5. Generic characters posed
  6. Textured Models for SpellTargets
  7. All Girl Animations for dummy model
  8. Animations for Dreams with Princes, Spell Acquisitions, Intro Movie, Final Movie, Trailer
  9. Scenario Final Movie, Dreams before Spell, in game animations with only Girl
  10. Textured Model of TheMother, SunAndMoon, TheHunter, TheTailor, TheBrother
  11. Concept for TheFairies
  12. Concept for Animated & Posed SpecialCharacters
  13. All character animations implemented in TheGirl (but not cloth effects and facial expressions)
  14. Final Movie & Trailer scenes setup
  15. Implementation in game of big MajorRooms
  16. Software for Wicked Branches complete
  17. Software system for Level of Detail complete
  18. Implementation of software system for Autonomous Behaviour of TheGirl
  19. Design of software system for Autonomous Behaviour of TaliasCat
  20. Software for patch system complete
  21. Sound: better sounds, more music

Milestone 4 (1 October 2005)
  • Game with fine-tuned autonomous girl with facial expressions and all rooms except for SpecialAreas. SpellCasting is functional but animations are placeholders.
  1. Collision Objects & Lightmaps for all MajorRooms & MinorRooms
  2. Textured Models for OgresseTower, ThePilgrimage, TheForest, ThePark
  3. Models for CourtYard, TheGarden
  4. Implementation of Dreams with Princes
  5. Girl dress & face animations
  6. Animations for Only Girl movies and Trailer
  7. Final movie implemented
  8. Textured models for TheFairies, SpecialCharacters, wounded archetypes
  9. Textured models for MausoleumAlcoves
  10. Concept for ToolTargets, SecretTrophies, ToyTargets, miscalleneous objects
  11. Implementation of final version of TheGirl
  12. Implementation of SpellTargets
  13. Implementation of remaining MajorRooms and of all MinorRooms
  14. Implementation of software for Autonomous Behaviour of TaliasCat
  15. Software systems for state switching, sound systems & SecretTrophies
  16. Game configuration interface implemented
  17. Sound: final sounds, final music

Alpha version (1 December 2005)
  • Complete game with ToolPuzzles and ToyPuzzles and placeholder geometry for Special Areas.
  1. Implementation of CourtYard and TheGarden
  2. Implementation of Collision Objects for all rooms
  3. SpellAccessories animations
  4. Implementation of Dreams before Spell, Girl & Others movies, Trailer
  5. Posing of Special Characters, wounded generic residents
  6. Models for and implementation of pickable objects (tool, toy & spell objects)
  7. Textured Models for ToolTargets & ToyTargets, MiscObjects, PrinceTraces, PalaceDecorations
  8. Implementation of all ToolPuzzles, Objects, ToolTargets, ToyTargets, SecretTrophies
  9. 2D Effects research & development complete
  10. Demo of game complete (with the exception of final assets)
  11. Goodies complete

Beta version (1 February 2006)
  • Complete game with final geometry and SpellCasting animations.
  1. Implementation of Wounded Servants, Guards & Workers
  2. Implementation of static & generic objects
  3. Rendered movies of Dreams with Princes & Dreams before Spell
  4. Implementation of SpellCasting Animations
  5. Implementation of Sleepers
  6. Implementation of TheForest, ThePark, TheGarden & the CourtYard
  7. 2D display systems complete
  8. Alpha testing & bug fixing complete
  9. Game polish 50% complete

Final version (1 April 2006)
  • Complete game with final animations.
  1. Implementation of rendered Dreams
  2. Trailer video file
  3. Implementation of Diorama animations
  4. Beta testing & bug fixing complete
  5. Game polish complete

Post Production (1 April-1 June 2006)
  • Final round up
  1. Lead programmer available to fix any last minute bugs
  2. Finalizing of game demo
  3. Generating marketing materials
  4. Finalizing marketing strategy with publisher's marketing team
  5. Overseeing final game website design and other marketing graphic design
  6. Evaluation & post mortem