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I didn't know were to post this, but this seemed like the right forum. Anyways this is just my 2cents so take it how you want. Smile

First I wanted to say I really enjoyed The Path and still playing it. There is alot of things about it I enjoy and it's left me wanting more. Would Tale of Tales consider a sequel to The Path?

Same characters, same plot, but extended. For Example:
- Each area (GraveYard, Play Ground, Wood Cutters) could be a seperate level perhaps and a little bigger.
- Interaction between characters. Example: Ginger could open the door ot the shack at the Wood Cutters area, but Carmen could not. Maybe you have to go there first as Ginger and open the door so that Carmen can retrieve something later. Sort of like each character leaving bread crumbs for the other characters to follow.
- The running though the forest FX is very kewl and gives you a sense of being scared. What would be more fun is being chased. And maybe even have to hide. Small chase sense by a wolf.

I really enjoyed the path and would love to see a follow up to this game.

cheers Wink
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