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Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:19 pm Reply with quote
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But I just have no idea how to make a game?

I have made a little 3D graphics on my own before, but I don't know how to use them for a game, and I have NO idea how to program.....

Are there anyone who will help me make the game?

The idea:

You are in first person view (cause it makes the best effect), and you start in a dark empty room with only one door. When you leave you get into a maze of rooms.
Each room has 1-4 doors. No matter which door you go through you get to a random room (or maybe scripted?), even if you go through the dor you came from. Each room has a lot of diffrent stuff in it, but every room goes with themes, happy and sad, and other stuff. In reality you only get to see 4-8 rooms, but they repeat, in a random pattern.
In the end you'll get to a long hallway, with paintings on each wall, They start with being infants, babies, childs, Teenagers, and so on.... When you get to the middle of the hallway, you fall through the floor and die. this will happen when the pictures get elderly.

The game should be an abstract view on life, there will be no dialog, no text, and everything will happen in about 15 min.
Every room show diffrent things that happen in life, from death of relatives, to playing as a child, partying, falling in love, and other stuff from life.

So is anyone up for the challenge? Would be nice if there was someone who could program, and maybe also a person who can make graphics, 'cause my skills in 3D are pretty BAAAAAD.

Even if you can't do that stuff, just post a comment on the idea ^^
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Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:52 am Reply with quote
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Sounds really, really interesting.
No skills of that sort myself. Teach yourself? Online help can't be too hard to find. Or just download a programme and start playing.
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Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:21 am Reply with quote
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Try looking up...oh, jeez, what's it called...Judith! I think it demonstrates well how you can still have a good impact with a first-person pixel-y game. The devs might also mention somewhere what engine/program they used.

Really, I had no idea either, but I just googled some free stuff with active help forms and dove in. I'd recommend starting with a nice platform/sidescrolling thing called Construct. While it might not be suited for what you have in mind, it'll help you get the basic idea behind programming and game design. Plus, it comes with a handy bunch of tutorials run through the program!

Sadly, many potential artists are discouraged by the immensity of getting to the point where they can really express themselves and share their work. Writers, sculptors, actors, game devs...remember: you have a story to tell. It's yours, and no one can tell it the same way you can. Break it into steps. "Ok, first I have to read this stuff. Then I have to test it out. Learn these terms. Work on animating sprites. Perfect these skills. Save for a decent game design engine. Get more specific with what I want in my game. Figure out the new engine. Start to build."

It seems daunting, but bit by bit, it'll start to grow shorter. You'll never finish if you don't start!

On my list of things to do: lrn2 condense posts. Sad
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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:10 am Reply with quote
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I have my own prefect idea.
Most or all of you guys are adults, intelligent, and play games a lot, some, or are find yourself more interested in the methods of their creation. So I'm curious...
Do you or have you had an idea for your ideal game or program?
If so what is it?
Mine would entail: the openness of an MMO, MMO based (why would it not be?), the physics of driving, flying, and space sims, ballistics, faction/guild/country building, a good story entwined into open playing style, NO DRAaaaaab atmosphere, monsters, or aliens as the basis for action (HATE that s***, I'm not 13 and don't read twilight...I'm a nerd that likes to go on actual nature... )...I think a good world background story could tie these types of play together - but of course this game is a scale that couldn't be justified financially at this point.
What are your ideas for a game or idea within a game etc? Or if you had however much time and resources you wanted to dedicate to this 'game' or game's creation...what type of game and other elements would it be comprised of?
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