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David PW
Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:22 am Reply with quote
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Hey all, I decided to get my feet wet with some narrative driven videogame creation, so I spent this weekend playing around with the RenPy engine and made a short visual novel. I'm not sure about the visual novel format (click to advance, click on choices), as it's typically used for things like YA romances. I'm not trying to be heavy handed with Lethe, but it does cover themes of death and acceptance: I'm not sure if that fits with player expectancies.

Anyway, thought I'd throw what I currently have at the internet hive mind and see what you lot think.

Link to zipfile:

With the exception of the one character illustration, none of the artwork is final. Instead I just put some placeholder common domain photos up as I finish the game (basically, don't want my artist to waste her time if I'm just going to change things up later).

The music begins on the splash page and is rather quiet at first, so just turn it up enough to hear it or you'll get your eardrums blasted later on Smile
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