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Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 11:06 pm Reply with quote
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I saw this was bumped and decided to read it. After reading the comments and stuff, I see the same thing I have seen with all the other "girl gamer" facts and ideas- It's something I don't fit in at.

I'm a female and I've been gaming ever since I was two years old. I started off playing Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, then Sonic when we bought our Genesis when I was three, just like a vast majority of guys out there. I've probably played a game from almost every genre that existed over my life and I even played those crappy "girl" games; I've basically grown up with the gaming industry and I can't help but wonder where some developers get these ideas.

I'm looking a the list Michael original posted. I do like characterization and I like a good plot but I'm sure part of that liking comes from the fact that I'm a writer so developing characters and creating an interesting story is what I do; so naturally I'm going to like that. As for pick-up-and-play games and just looking at other comments people have made...None of them fit me.

Sure, I've played the Sims and SimCity. They were fun for a few hours but I always ended up diving the city down a highway to hell and just ended up causing destruction in the end. (Alien invasions, fire, and tornadoes all at once! *evil laugh*) I look at all the things statics and studies say I'm suppose to like because I'm a girl, and I actually can't stand them. I know that a lot of people (some people on here even commented on it) say the girls highly enjoy JRPGs; I personally, can't stand most of them. There's only been a handful that had an interesting enough story or was amazing artistically (like Eternal Sonata) that kept my attention. However, I love everything they say I'm suppose to hate. I love FPSs, third-person shooters, action/adventure, horror (my favorite genre), etc...

The bottom line is, everyone varies. Yeah, I know that male and female minds think differently and I know there's characteristics for each gender, but saying that "these things" are exactly what males like in games and "these things" are exactly what females like in games is like saying everyone who likes ice cream loves chocolate ice cream.
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On "immersion in an atmospheric environment"... I'm somewhat of an immersion freak. It's my favourite thing. Some games really, really suck at it, while others simply do not try (simple and competitive first person shooters for example).

I turned off the HUD once in Quake3 and now I only play with it disabled. The only thing I can see are the text and kill messages at the top. The rest is just the gun and the environment... I love it. I may actually be better in the absence of a HUD. Lack of a crosshair... you get used to it. The immersion level just goes through the roof.

Sound design is really important for immersion, too.
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Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 10:50 pm Reply with quote
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Kumiko wrote:
The bottom line is, everyone varies.

You're right, and I agree that it's unfair to say that all girls will play one way and all boys another; but it's true that big generalisations can be made. I mean, not all of this applies to me (I'm perfectly fine playing games without any sort of social interaction; people make me nervous), but that doesn't mean it can't be generally true.
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rinku wrote:
here are what i've discovered so far on the differences between female and male play style, as general rules (i know exceptions to these too); these are based on my two sisters and my female friends vs. my two brothers and myself my male friends and the game tastes of each. and the two biggest things i've noticed differentiating them are:

1. females like to build or maintain or take care of complex systems, i.e. they like games like civilization and sim city (because of building something or taking care of it), and games where you can raise living creatures (even if only as a mini-game, such as chocobo breeding in final fantasy 7). by far, the females i know don't really like games that have "missions" or a "kill the boss" structure. some games have both a creative and a destructive element -- and both groups like those games, but for different reasons. for example, in a strategy rpg, females enjoy the process of building up and preparing and equipping, males more enjoy the challenge of overcoming the opposition. [this one has an obvious evolutionary psychology explanation.]

2. semi-disagreeing with the quote, i think females care more about character than plot -- plot is the action, the structure of the story, what's happening, what will happn next -- i think males care more about that than females do. the females i know forget all about the plot when they replay a rpg, they remember the characters very well though. they are interested in the characters qua characters, detached from their role in the plot. [not really sure why this difference exists -- it's not limited to games, but to movies and anything with stories, females focus more on characters, males more on plot]

note: the font is too small! especially on 1280x1--- resolution...

I agree, though I'm a female who is into missions and "kill the boss" structures. I care for the plot though sometimes I may not follow it right Rolling Eyes . I'm a very tomboy kind of gal. Laughing
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