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I like the core of the game and find it fascinating, but I wish that the experience was more immersive. Smile

I mean I wish I felt more there. I have the feeling that with a little bit more polish and details, like better and more varied animations I could actually lost myself in the solitude of the beach. Like how small details in The Path made it so that I could simply wander in the forest. But here I feel like something is lacking, especially in the beach scenes. The avatar feel so stiff and limited, you just don't feel like wandering around it his or her shoes. It quickly feel as if the game encourage you to ignore the environment to only see it barebone mechanic: get outside the café, close eyes press B, run to the beach, stand in front of a wave then press A to get back to the café.

I wish I could explore the beach through simple animation. Like if there was one or two buttons/keystroke that activate simple animations randomly or depending of where you stand. Simple animations like kicking sand, waving away your hairs, touching the water, throwing a stone, pulling back your hood or just changing your stance. The bench on the beach is fine, but there is nothing to roleplay with it. I wish I could slightly change position while sitting on the bench, adjusting my clothes or taking a debt breath. I want to activate this kind of small details, to be able to make my experience personal to be able to want to be alone on the beach for a while. Because right now the beach is so devoid of interactions, after a few visit it kind of feel like a core that you have to repeat to get new words.

Oh I also wish that the game would let us interact more with the apparitions. They would be more interesting if we could explore some of them or even if we could simply pass through some of them. No need for puzzle or anyting else. Still I wish that the game trusted me enough to find the chess pieces by myself. No need to hide them, I just want to choose to do the action if picking them up.

I don't want extra gameplay on the beach, just more space to let my imagination wander so I could daydream a little bit and not just rush back at the café by pressing A.

Sometime it kind of feel like if the game is not trusting us. I mean we are already in box, I think it would be ok if we could choose how we want to wander on the beach or to daydream. But to be able to make choices we need more interactions with our avatar or environment (trivial choices like emotes are fine).

Kind of change subject, but I would love to see the avatars hands in the café. Nothing special, just slightly touching the board, lazily playing with the the glass of wine. Subtle hands emotes, hands are so fascinating. But I know stuff that look simple like this is actually complex to do.

The game is fascinating but become frustrating because of a felt lack of trust in the player to interact with the environment. While playing you want to get lost in there, on the beach, but you can't because of the lack of small interactions. The café interactions also quickly become repetitive, witch is fine (or even maybe great), but because of the lack of subtle details, the repetition become boring instead of evolving into a quiet relationship or something else. You need some small random variations or to recognize personal patterns to get a interesting ennui.

Oh but the sound environment and the sky are wonderful. Smile

So frustrating! Very Happy
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Posted: Mon May 06, 2013 9:12 am Reply with quote
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We would have loved to add more to the game world.

But, since you compare the two, production of the The Path cost about six times more than Bientôt l'été. That should explain a thing or two. Since The Path had more commercial potential, we were able to find more funding for it. Sadly, it's is near impossible to find large amounts of non-commercial funding.

But also: we like to move on. It took a year to create Bientôt l'été and frankly, I was ready for something else after such an intense period of creation.
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