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Alright, so everyone knows the basic commands that you can use to communicate, but there are hidden commands too, and I've picked up a few. I've listed them below, but I would love to know if anyone else knows any other body language that is a signal for something?

* If you see a deer next to a mushroom/pine tree, and he turns and paws at it, he probably wants a mask/antlers.
*Leave me alone~ Click listen, then click "no".
*Follow me please~ Click the "paw, then the "yes" while facing your friend.
*Bye, I'll see you later~ Click sad, then bow, (maybe even rub if you're really good friends)
*Brb~ Click "paw" then nod "yes" and lay down.
*Come help me~ Most deer "moo" continuously when they need help with something.
*Playful greeting~ "rear" and click "yes"

If nobody already knows this, there's a different way to get your deer to do something besides using the action bar at the bottom of the screen. Using the f1-f9 keys, you can set any action button you want using them. For instance, hover your mouse over the "dance" button, and hit the f1 button. Then, all you have to do is hit f1 to dance! I've discovered some different ways to communicate using this shortcut. I've listed them below:

~If you really don't want a deer near you, just set the "anger" and the "rear" button on the f1-f9 layout. Go next to the deer, and hit the two repeatidly. It will look like your deer is pushing the other deer away, and trust me, it works.
~I know how everyone wants the graze action, and I've figured out a shortcut that is similar to the way a deer eats. Set the "anger" button and the "nod" button on the f1-f9 layout. Right after you hit the "anger", hit the "nod" and it looks like your deer is eating grass with his head down!

-I will continue to post more as I discover them
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I was wondering if there was any way to make it more realistic, as a newbie, I thrive to learn the correct ways so that I do not upset anyone that has been on here longer than I .

But, your knowledge is most appreciated!

Thanks! Very Happy
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