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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Jut spamming a game my classmates and me made for a university project, I was the designer/scripter on the project, the game was scripted in Virtools over a period of 6 months , there were 5 other people involved (see in game credits for various roles). The artists did a really good job with the art assets and even won a student prize for it at a regional competition.

Below is the link to the game,design doc and in game images. I would appreciate any feedback, especially about the stats and design doc, and I hope you guys enjoy the demo.

Here are quick instructions (until I get a proper user guide together)-

Create a new profile or load an existing one if you have already played the game.

Select a chassis on the right.

Click on the engines tab and select an engine. At the moment all the engines are unlocked so you can start with the fastest one if you wish (at the bottom of the list).

Click on the weapons tab.

Click on a weapon in the panel on the right to attach it to the mouse.

Drop the weapon on the Ship's hardpoints (marked by a "ghost" gun) or alternatively drop it on the coins on the bottom left to sell back.

More weapons will become available as you progress through the game.

You can rotate the ship by clicking anywhere on the background (clouds) and dragging.

Press the play button to play.

Use the scroll keys to shoot where up arrow fires forward guns, right is for right guns ... etc

Use W,A,S,D to move,

The controls are in the help section of the menu as well.

Hope that helps
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Your game has weapons?? Confused
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Hi, yes it sure does. You'll have to pick them out from under the weapons tab, then attach it on the chassis. When creating a new profile you start of with two weapons in the front, which can be removed or replaced. In order to remove the weapons you would need have the weapons tab open, in hindsight maybe thats a bit too restrictive. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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