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None of you may know this yet but I love to let my imagination go wild and write stories on the images that come to mind. What makes this one story special and separates it from the rest is a secret. I have always hoped for this to be a game but due to self complications and other private matters it has become clear to me it, along with many of my other ideas, might not ever get that chance. This is chapter two of my many chapters. Why two and not one? It's better this way, trust me. Enjoy! Laughing

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2. Enter Dark, Exit Light

Night, the opposite of day, disappearance of sunlight, dangers of the unknown awaken. We wait for the signs of dawn to show to erase the potential dangers that can be concealed by darkness. But what happens when the light can’t destroy all sign of darkness, the darkness that lingers within our hearts.
I tossed and turned, drifting in and out of sleep. The soft murmurs of my parent’s voices were heard in the room next to mine. I groaned as I awoke, to the shout of my fathers raising voice, “You’re crazy Anna! You have no idea what you’re talking about!”
“What do you mean I’m crazy Charles! You think I don’t know about that other bitch of yours!” She shouted back.
The sounds of their shouting scared me; I buried myself in my blanket hoping I could cut off the sounds of their screaming. “You know nothing!” yelled dad. Sadly it didn’t work, I all could do now is listen.
“I’ve known for years! You always tell you’re going to leave her, always! And yet there you are screwing around with her. You should be damn happy I haven’t left you!” The argument went on as the night dragged on. The talking got louder and angrier to the point where dad’s voice was clear as day and loud as hell.
“What the fuck do you want from me Anna, honestly tell me what the fuck to you want!?”
“Let go of me!” Mom shouted, her voice filled with fear. Things were being smashed, and thrown as I heard pounding on the walls.
He continued as he ignored her shouts of fear, “I have needs Anna; you’re doing a shitty job fulfilling those needs. You want to know why I have this girl. It’s because you never put out! EVER!” I could hear the sound of my mom crying, her sobs was all I could hear. “I’ll tell you what, once you start showing that you actually care then maybe, just MAYBE, I will cut her off!”
I jumped as I heard the front door slam causing the whole house the shake.
I just lied there, feeling sick to my stomach due to the stress I felt. They fought a lot, more than usual. What’s worse…Things have been becoming more aggressive between them. Deciding it was smart not to interfere I just close my eyes and prayed; prayed that all this would just go away.
I kept my eyes closed, even though sleep just seemed to take forever to come. Soon enough everything just faded…

Darkness, that’s all there was…
That’s all I could see.
I walked, hoping that I could find any source of light.
Soon enough, I saw it there, up ahead. A little source of light that could be my way out of there, I ran towards it. As I walked closer to it, it began to form into something. Finally, it took the form of a playground.
I stood there a little confused.
Shrugging it off, I decided to look around. I felt relaxed when I heard the calm chirping of birds. As I walked I noticed someone sitting at the swings.
Curious, I thought I’d approach the person, “Hi there,” I said, trying to get her attention.
She didn’t seem to notice me at first but then again she seemed distracted as she kept swinging. “My Name’s Jesse, What’s yours?” I asked.
I couldn’t get a good look at her, but from what I can see that she was around my age. She stopped swinging and brought her attention towards me. She got off the swing and walked over to my side, and just looked me in the eye.
I don’t know how long we were staring, but it was starting to make me nervous. I gave her a small smile as I brought up my courage and spoke, “So, do you come here a lot…Wherever here is,” I added with a chuckle, “Speaking of which, where am I?” I asked.
She didn’t answer; all she did was give me a gentle smile as she grabbed my hand.
I just stood there taken back, I wasn’t sure what to so. All I could do was wait for her to do something else, show me what she wanted.
She then started to walk, taking me with her due to the fact that she still held my hand. Her smile grew and she started to pick up her pace. Even though she was speaking I had a feeling what she wanted. “Oh! I get it, you want to play,” I said. ’She was starting to freak me out,’
All she did was smile in return as she nodded.
The last thing I remembered before waking up back into the real world was that we played for hours. Just completely careless of the outside world; swinging, going down the slide, and hanging on the jungle gym.
I never wanted to wake up…
Though; you can’t always get what you want…
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