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I found Tale of Tales looking while looking for a new kind of interactive experience. Games (i.e. video games) just don't do it for me anymore, and for a variety of reasons that would probably best be left to another thread. (However, those reasons certainly don't entirely have to do with video games themselves. People change even if video games don't.)

But now my purpose for this thread:

I'm looking for a new name for a new thing, an activity, that as of yet barely exists. But before I get into that for which I need a name I must first I present a working definition of the word "game":

> A game is an activity that requires a person to overcome, to defeat, a challenge of some kind.
> A game is an activity won or lost. You either succeed or you fail at a challenge, if not at the game as a whole.
> A game is won either by defeating the game itself by overcoming all its challenges or defeating other players. A single-player game or cooperative multi-player game is one that could very accurately be described as "beaten" when completed.

The goal is to design an interactive entertainment, either an interactive video or work of interactive fine art that, at first, looks like a game but upon closer examination is revealed to not be a game. It's not a game because it doesn't match any of the criteria for being a game as described above:

> There's nothing in it that could honestly be described as a challenge begging to be overcome.
> It's not something that could accurately be described as "won" or "lost" but only experienced.
> It could not accurately be described as "beaten" when finished, but only as "finished" or "experienced".
> Other players (if there are any) are not defeated since the players are not intended to compete with one another.

The goal of such an work would really be no different than that of a book, film, song or piece of art: to be experienced. However, this particular activity would be interactive while books, films, songs and art remain passive.

A word--a name--is desperately needed for this kind of work. But what? I believe this kind of interactive entertainment will get nowhere unless it has both a real and commonly accepted name. All things that are real have names, and therefore this must have a name! It must simple, a name that is ideally only one word, and a short one. But what?
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Perhaps good names would be "iFilm" and its cousin "iArt"?

The iFilm is an interactive film. It is just like a film but interactive, driven forward primarily by the player's actions. Like a film the point of an iFilm is to tell a story, but also like a film an iFilm is not about telling your story but only its own story. It is not your story to tell. That is to say an iFilm is not about exploring the concepts of choice and consequence or control and consequence. The player cannot in any meaningful way alter the plot or themes or the characters or their motivations. No matter who plays the iFilm and what choices they make everyone will have the same experience.

One might ask, "If the player's choices don't really add anything then why bother to make the experience interactive? Why not just make a regular film? Wouldn't that be easier?" Yes, it might be easier (perhaps), but the point of an iFilm is to take advantage of the interactive nature of the medium for the purposes of immersion. When something is interactive it's far more immersive than if it's not, and at the heart of the iFilm is its pursuit of not just telling a story but thoroughly immersing the audience in that story in a way that a regular film cannot.

There is also iArt, but that's something different.
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ToT has been using the name "notgame" for this, when they started the notgames project.

the iFilm (sounds like an Apple product Razz ) could cover one of the aspects of the artistic interactive experience, but certainly not all.
Whatever name we would give this medium, people would still need explanation, they would still need to be told that it's just like a game, but it's not. That it's a non-competitive game, or something like that.

I say call it post-game.
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