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For over a month and a half now I have been developing a multitude of concepts. I myself am an indie developer and I agree that the future of games exist in the style you both portray and congratulate you on creating the paradigm shift to influence future developers.

Although I am having an issue defining my concepts. I have a very basic mechanic, with a simplistic approach to a storyline that is left up to the interpretation of the player. But somewhere a long the line my game concept becomes tumultuous with exacerbated elements mutating it to a complex and pitifully stupid idea. Although I do believe no idea is a stupid idea, it depends on how you view it.

I don't really know what I am asking, I keep changing my mind so much I don't know where to begin development, I can't start modelling because I don't know what objects to put in my scenes, I don't know whether to choose linear over open worlds. I guess I am asking on how to derive at a conclusion, I expect the answer to be, during the development process we change our ideas quite a lot. Understandably I agree but how to "start" with that solid idea where you are not creating objects or writing lines of code that will not be reused although lessons learnt of course.

I have never had this issue before but when I am trying to reach the direction that you, ICO, Shadow of the colossus, etc, portray. That emotional connection to the player is what I am striving for. If you were curious my current game revolves around an abstract / obscure version of "The Angel" by Hans Christen Andersen.

Sorry about the long drawn out post but as my current state of mind I find it hard to articulate my thought process as well. I am wasting development time mulling over this, but I just don't want it to be wrong. On a final note I would like to thank you both on opening my eyes, you have created within me a desire, to strive to promote emotional connection through abstract deliveries to force the player to think and reflect on their own lives. For this I thank you.
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With this kind of experimental design work, I find that one needs to stop oneself from thinking too much. One can get all sorts of ideas that, when executed, don't seem to work. And one can create all sorts of expectations, that one then not knows how to fulfill.

This is not traditional engineering work where one would define the problem and then solve it. In a way, this kind of work is simply about defining the problem. And solving it, is done during play. In a way.

The best approach, I think, is to work step by step. If there is a certain scene, a certain mood, a character that fascinates you, just build that, without thinking too much about what kind of game you want to make around this basic idea. Just build the idea, create the mood, and play with it. Then listen to the work and try to figure out what it wants to be. That sounds a little esoteric, but it's the best method I have found for being creative with this medium: build things and then look at them and be inspired, then build some more, etc.

It's possible that you end up throwing a lot of things away in the end. But that's ok. As long as you arrive at a published project. It's better to make something than nothing!
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Thank you for the reply. I feel rather privileged that you took the time out of your busy schedule to reply to my post.

I have always been an iterative developer in the sense of a business work scheme. I have noticed it works for games but it eliminates a lot of possibility to be creative. Since the evolution of a game changes on a weekly basis.

Thanks for the reply, I'm working on a small game at the moment but am nearly finished, I will try this approach for the next game. Thanks for inspiring some extra confidence in me, much obliged.
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