Tale of Tales

Gabriel Ortega is a lover of the arts. Before the military coup closed the museums and operas, he was a well loved curator, critic and, thanks to the money from his marriage with Maria Luisa Veleta, a benefactor of culture. In Sunset we see him possessing a large amount of books…

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I have a theory about decades. In terms of style and spirit, decades don’t start in the ‘00 year but only halfway through. And they last until the middle of the next decade. So what we think of as “the nineties” actually only started in 1995 and lasted until 2005. Similarly the seventies as we know them, only really start…

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We started a devblog. Yes well, dev is practically finished. But it’s only now when we actually have the time to write about what we’ve been doing!

So, please enjoy this first post about the look of SUNSET, and realism and stylization in videogames.

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