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Reviewing Conditions

Posted by Michael on March 28th, 2007, in Development

The second Filter that removes behaviours in Drama princess’s Decision Manager is the Filter of Condition. This is a series of expressions per Object that retun yes or no to the question whether the behaviour is possible with them.

While this system remains useable, it does seem badly designed at the moment. As it turns out, while working on The Path, in practice, most behaviours are not possible with most objects. They are too specific. Also, because of the limited amount of animations available, the most frequently used condition is just that the Actor should have an animation asset to perform the behaviour.

As a result, the conditions that are defined by rules that make sense in the game world, make up a very small minority. I think we should replace this system so that only the conditions that have specific rules are evaluated and all the others are simply checked against whether the behaviour is possible with the object and whether the actor has animation data to perform the behaviour.

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