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Quotes from Oz papers

Posted by Michael on June 13th, 2006, in Projects

These are quotes from papers written in the context of the Oz research project.

I’m still reading these texts, so this post may be updated later.

Form “The Role of Emotion in Believable Agents” by Joseph Bates (April 1994)

“It can be argued that while scientists may have more effectively recreated scientists, it is the artists who have come closest to understanding and perhaps capturing the essence of humanity (…)”
(referring to A.I. scientists and Disney animators)

“The apparent desires of a character, and the way the character feels about what happens in the world with respect to those desires, are what makes us care about that character. If the character does not react emotionally to events, if they don’t care, then neither will we.”

“Jones says he discovered that it is the oddity, the quirk, that gives personality to a character, and it is personality that gives life.”
(referring to animator of Bugs Bunny and a programming error in one of the Woggles)

From “Believable Social and Emotional Agents” by W. Scott Neal Reilly (May 1996)

“My framework gets a lot of its power from being part of a broad agent architecture. The concept is simple: the agent will be emotionally richer if there are more things to have emotions about and more ways to express them. This reliance on breadth has also meant that I have been able to create simple emotion models that rely on perception and motivation instead of deep modeling of other agents and complex cognitive processing.”

“The goal of building believable agents is inherently an artistic one. Traditional AI goals of creating competence and building models of human cognition are only tangentially related because creating believability is not the same as creating intelligence or realism.”

“From the standpoint of believability, it is better to go with the less realistic characters which meet the audience’s expectations than to go with the more realistic characters which don’t.”

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[…] The Oz papers tell me that expressing emotions is very important for the characters to be believable (which is something they in turn learned from the Disney animators). And my Body Language book tells me that when people like each other, they start imitating each other’s body language, at least in the early stage of the friendship. […]

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